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Modular Motion Driver MMD-200

Key features
  • Driver for stepper motor stages
  • Open loop resolution down to 100 nm
  • Closed loop resolution down to 50 nm
  • MMD-200 and MMC modules can be mixed in a stack
  • Pulse and direction input signals via mini-DIN connector


  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Documentation & Part No.

The MMD-200 is a low-cost stepper motor driver with a pulse-direction input. It allows speeds beyond 2 mm/s. Open and closed loop operations are available. The modular design of the MMD-200 allows for a mixed module stack with the MMC-200 controller that can interface with a computer via a single USB or RS-485 cable. MICRONIX Motion Control Language allows for easy programming through simple ASCII commands.

Controller/Driver Specifications
Axes 1, stackable up to 99
Motor type Stepper Motor
Interface USB 2.0 or RS-485 (configuration), mini-DIN (driver signals)
Commands ASCII commands
Power supply Regulated 24 V DC (1 A per axis)
Speed, max 5 mm/s
Resolution, max 100 nm (open loop), 50 nm (closed loop)
Servo clock frequency 20 kHz
Enclosure dimensions L145 x W85 x H25 mm
Order no.: MMD-200-
1 Axis 1
2 Axes 2
3 Axes 3
4 Axes 4
5 Axes 5
6 Axes 6
Power Supply          
25 W 1
Encoder Interface          
Analog (1 Vpp) 0
Digital (RS-422) 1

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datasheet &manual

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