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Among the multiple requirements that determine the selection of motion stages are usually the following criteria:

  • Stage size
  • Payload weight
  • Resolution and repeatability
  • Speed and acceleration

Many of these criteria are primarily determined by the chosen drive technology. Most commonly, users have the choice between...

  • Lead-screw or ball screw driven by stepper or DC motor
  • Linear motor
  • Piezo motor

Each of the drive technologies has unique advantages and disadvantages and is only suitable for specific application areas. However, many manufacturers try to fit square pegs into round holes by trying to sell the drive technology that is available in their designs rather than the optimal technology for a specific application.

MICRONIX USA is now able to offer its popular miniature piezo line with both lead-screw drive as well as a linear motor option. The basic stage design remains the same, but users are able to choose the preferred drive technology that meets their specific requirements.



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