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Piezo Positioner Cross Stage PPX-32CR
Piezo motor Travel 18 x 18 mm Resolution to 2 nm Load up to 1 kg

Low profile, integrated XY stage with height of only 14 mm utilizing our patent-pending multi-phase piezo motor.

Piezo Rotation Stage PR-100
Piezo Motor Travel 360 degrees Resolution to 5 µdeg Load up to 10 kg

Compact rotation stage with continuous, unlimited travel and 50.6 mm aperture. Crossed roller ball bearings ensure smooth motion and high stability

Precision Gonio Stage PG-25PM
Piezo Motor Travel ± 5 degrees Resolution to 41 µdeg Load up to 0.1 kg

Compact motorized gonio stage with for limited-space applications. 

Micro Pusher MP-15
Stepper motor Travel 10 mm Resolution 0.1 µm Load up to 1 N

The MP-15 linear actuator is designed for applications with very limited space conditions.

Modular Motion Controller MMC-110
Piezo Motor Controller Stackable up to 16 axis Speed > 10 mm/s USB and RS-232

High performance with speeds beyond > 10 mm/s with our patent-pending multi-phase piezo motor