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Modular Linear Stage MLS-25
Piezo Motor Travel 25 - 236mm Resolution to 20nm Load up to 2kg

Highly flexible and customizable motion system design. X-Y, X-Y-Z mounting, XY gantry systems, as well as two or
more slides per bearing are possible.

Piezo Rotation Stage PR-20
Piezo Motor Travel 360 degrees Resolution to 500 µdeg Load up to 0.1 kg

Compact rotation stage with continuous, unlimited travel. Pre-loaded ball bearings ensure smooth motion and high stability

Modular Motion Controller MMC-110
Piezo Motor Controller Stackable up to 16 axis Speed > 10 mm/s USB and RS-232

High performance with speeds beyond > 10 mm/s with our patented multi-phase piezo motor

Piezo Motor Controller Single Driver (or network up to 10 axis)

High performance two/four phase piezo motor controller designed to be single axis unit or network up to 10 axes

Communication Ethernet TCP/IP

PoE+ compatible powered device that provides Ethernet TCP/IP communication to all standard MMC controllers. 


The MMC-Joystick enables manual control of all standard MMC controllers using a 3-axis joystick