MICRONIX USA, LLC and Aerotech, Inc Announces Strategic Partnership

Aerotech, Inc. and MICRONIX USA announce a strategic partnership to offer complementary precision motion products to the industrial and research markets. The collaboration will expand the capabilities of each company allowing for further industry applications that require powerful, easy-to-use nanopositioning products. Together, the companies will offer a larger range of stages, controllers, drives, and software for positioning in the most advanced applications.


Aerotech manufactures high-precision motion control components and systems used in laboratory and industrial applications. Solutions range from components such as motors, stages, controllers, and drives to complete custom multi-axis systems.



“Micronix’s modular approach to miniature nanopositioning stages extends our product portfolio in nanopositioning and enables us to address additional automation applications. This strategic partnership aligns with Aerotech’s core strategy of allowing customers to easily control all types of motion equipment from one control platform. By using one control platform, customers' reduce costs due to simplified integration and increase throughout due to low-latency coordination between axes,” says Brian O’Connor, Director of Product & Market Development at Aerotech, Inc.



“With Aerotech’s premium product portfolio, Micronix will be able to address applications in our core markets more comprehensively. We are especially excited to be able to utilize Aerotech’s industry-leading control platform to address complex motion control needs. Additionally, Aerotech’s advanced flexure-based piezo nanopositioners provide a perfect complement to our miniature, long-travel piezo stages. This new partnership further cements both of our company’s customer-centric approach to providing comprehensive motion control solutions,” says Manfred Schneider, President at Micronix USA.



For more information, please visit Aerotech Comprehensive Nanopositioning Solutions