Product Highlights

  • Motor Type:
    Piezo Motor
  • Interface:
    10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RS-232
  • Axes:
    1 (network up to 10 axes)
  • Software:
    Aerotech Ensemble Suite
  • Encoder Interface:
    Digital (RS-422)
  • Resolution:
    <1 nm

MMC-Ensemble_2nd view.png


The MMC-Ensemble combines the advanced control functionality of Aerotech’s Ensemble controller platform with the high precision piezo technology from MICRONIX USA. MMC-Ensemble is a high performance two/four phase piezo motor controller designed to be used as a standalone single axis unit or within a multi-axis Ensemble network. The MMC-Ensemble is capable of driving a piezo motor with a resolution as fine as 1 nm. The closed loop resolution is dependent on the resolution of the encoder.

Not recommended for new designs


Controller & Driver Specifications
Axes 1 (network up to 10 axes)
Controller Motor Options Piezo Motor
Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RS-232
Power Supply 24-36VDC (1A)
Max. Resolution <1 nm
Trajectory Mode Trapezoidal Velocity Profile, S Curve
Servo Clock Frequency 20 kHz
Enclosure Dimensions L 112.2 x W 141.2 x H 41.3
Software Aerotech Ensemble Suite
Encoder Interface Digital RS-422


CAD Files

Product Configurations
3D Preview
Controller Motor Options
Piezo Motor
1 (network up to 10 axes)
Encoder Interface
Digital RS-422
Power Supply
24-36VDC (1A)