Precision Positioning Table MLS-38LM

Product Highlights

  • Travel Range:
    18mm (additional travel upon request)
  • Encoder Resolution:
    50 nm (Absolute Encoder)
  • Repeatability Bi-directional:
    ± 500
  • Repeatability Uni-directional:
  • Max. Speed:
    200 mm/s
  • Max. Load:
    0.5 kg
  • Bearing Type:
    Recirculating Ball Bearings

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The MLS-38LM is a high speed positioning stage. The ultra low profle stage uses low maintenance recirculating ball bearings and a linear motor for smooth travel with 500g of maximum load. The MLS-38LM is designed to be operated in atmospheric environments. The MLS-38LM stage is compatible with the Nanodrive™ controller.


Travel Dependent
Travel Range 18 mm
Straightness, Flatness (µm) N/A
Pitch (µrad) N/A
Yaw (µrad) N/A
Weight (g), Open Loop 224
Weight (g), Closed Loop 230
Limit Switch None
Motor Compatibility
Motor Type Linear Motor
Max. Speed (mm/s) 200
Motor/Feedback Dependent Specifications
Encoder Option Absolute Optical (BiSS C)
Typical Resolution (nm) 50
Repeatability, bi-directional (nm) ± 500
Repeatability, uni-directional (nm) 500
Load Characteristics
Orientation Fx (N) Fy (N) Fz (N) Mx (N·m) My (N·m) Mz (N·m)
Max. Load 3 peak, 1(cont.) 5 5 1 1 1
Operating Conditions
Environmental Options Atmospheric


CAD Files

Product Configurations
3D Preview
Motor Type
Linear Motor
Travel Range
18 mm
Encoder Option
Absolute Optical (BiSS C)
Limit Switch
Environmental Options