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Precision Actuator MPA-20

Key features
  • Travel range of 12mm
  • Gear reduction of 4:1
  • Load capacity up to 10 kg
  • Force, max: 100N
  • Preloaded spline for low backlash
  • Hermetically sealed limit switches, UHV compatible
  • Integrated thermal couple
  • Other motor/gear options available upon request


  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Documentation & Part No.

The MPA-20 linear actuator is designed for ultra high vacuum (10-9 mbar) environments and limited space applications.
Typical applications include actuation of manual drive stages and mirror mounts. It utilizes a 2-phase stepper motor and two hermetically sealed mechanical limit switches. The MPA-20 is is compatible with the MMC-200 controller.

Travel Dependent Specifications
Travel range [mm] 12
Motor Compatibility
Motor option Stepper Motor, SM-005
Motor/Feedback Dependent Specifcations
Encoder option None (Open Loop)
Resolution, typical [µm] 0.1
Repeatability, bi-directional [µm] ± 1
Repeatability, uni-directional [µm] 1
Accuracy [µm] 10
Load Characteristics
Orientation Fx [N] Fy [N] Fz [N] Mx [N·m] My [N·m] Mz [N·m]
Load, max 100 10 10 - - -
Order no.: MPA-20-
Stepper Motor, SM-005 1
12 mm 1
None 0
Limit Switches          
Mechanical 1
Ultra High Vacuum, 10-9 mbar 9

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